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With blessing of my beloved Mother & Father/ Guru Late Sri. Valluri Narsaiah Sharma, Veda Pandit & Late. Smt. Lakshmi Bhai
Sridhar Sharma
One stop solution for all your Astrology & Vaastu related queries and remedies

Sri. Sridhar Sharma was born and brought up in a traditional family of noble values.  He has acquired a profound knowledge in Vedic astrology and the science of Vasthu from his father Late Sri Valluri Narsaiah Sharma who was a well known Vedic pandit from Peddapalli,  Karimnagar District.   Ever since the childhood he has developed a strong passion for Astrology and Vasthu.  

He has invented a new system to predict the complete life in GRAPHICAL FORM with UPs & DOWNs which is easily understandable.

 The period above the zero line in the graph shows positive & comfortable time whereas below the zero line indicates negative period.  Algebraic sum of positive & negative period is equal to zero for every human in the Universe and no one experiences only the positive period & no one experiences only the negative period in the their life span.

Prestigious Awards In His Life Cycle