Horoscope Reading of Donald Trump – Politician


Horoscope of Donald Trump – Politician

If you check what are the chances of retaining power for Donald Trump in next term (2020 …..  the answer is yes as per his Horoscope reading

Initially, we have predicted about his victoly about 10 months before the results declaration in 2016. Now again when we study his present period as per his horoscope, the Maha dasha of JUP-SAT-JUP anther will start from 2020 Aug onwards, whereas JUP is the most benefic planet for LEO Ascident native, which is much benefic aspect for him. Moreover, from MOON sign i.e. Scorpio, both the major planets JUP & SAT are favorable this year, which is also much stronger posiitve point. Obviously, Donald Trump has strong chances to retain the power in 2020 again.