Rajinikanth Horoscope Predictions …. Year 2016 will be good

  1. Rajinikanth-Horoscope-PrediAs per the Lagna chart he has strong yog of CHANDRA-MANGAL where in MARS got exalted which is happened to be Yoga Kaaraka planet and Lagna ruler SUN got positoned strong in Scorpio (4th house)
  2. Fifth house is very strong with benefic planets MER & VEN which causing good wealth, fame and spirituality.  1999 to 2010 was considered to be very good period except year 2000 & 2004.  Year 2011 was tough as SANI-CHAN-KET Anter Dasha was running
  3. Another Yoga Kaaraka planet JUP got positioned in 7th house which causes selflessness & helping nature.  There was struggle period during 1977 to 1980. Elevation started since 1984 resulting reputation & huge fame
  4. Present period i.e. 2016 is going to be very positive and successful year. He needs to be cautios on health front in 2017 as there would be some uncomfortable period and also SADE SATHI may impact starts. The upcoming KABALI will be another highly successful Film in his career