SALMAN KHAN Horoscope …. Tough time till 2019


1)  Strong ySalman Khan Actoroga karaka planet SUN got positioned in 9th house which has caused high elevation, success, fame in life

2) The profession (10th) house is strong with exalted MAR and VEN in it whereas VEN represents Art and Cine field success. His career’s best period was during 1988 to 92 and again 1996 to 2001

3) Moreover, 11 house (fame & money) is also strong with SAT which is in Moolathrikona position.

4) As present sub period SAT-MAR-RAH is not auspicious and KET in 8th house aspected by SAT may cause imprisonment. He will be freed and his life’s best period starts from 2019 Jan/Feb