SRIDEVI – Cine Actress …. Horoscope Analysis & Case Study



The native, Sridevi, well known celebrity and super star of India and international fame artist of masses, known for her elegant, innocent glamorous looks and evergreen artist of Indian cinema, lived for as we know nearly 54+ years and died on 24th February 2018 evening, a tragic event in foreign land Dubai, UAE. As per the available birth details she belongs to Karkataka Lagna (Cancer – about 15 degrees) and lagna lord is in exaltation in Vrishab (Taurus) in eleventh house which is of gains and prosperity. Lagna is strengthened by the aspect of strong benefic planet Jupiter, the lord of 6th and 9th the Yoga karaka and placement of Sun, the lord of 2nd and the Venus lord 4th and 11th assuring great successful prospects and achievements with ease and perfection in her life time.

(i) Strong benefic planets SUN & VEN in Lagna and aspect of Yoga karaka planet JUP from 9th caused the native very famous and successful in life. (ii) Second main reason is Lagna lord MOON got positioned strong and exalted in 11th house which is highly benefic aspect. (iii) Most benefic planet JUP in 9th house caused the native highly successful and wealthy and also achieving large number of awards in film career including Padmsri in 2013 wherein she was running through best period as 2011 to 2016 was good period whereas 2016 onwards negative period is going on due to SANI Maha dasha. (iv) SAT in 7th house is not so beneficial aspect which might have caused delay in marriage. Moreover, the present dasha combination i.e. SANI-SANI-RAVI is not at all good as SAT-SUN combination is proved to be inauspicious in many cases. Moreover, the present planetary position like SAT in 8th house and JUP in 6th house from Taurus respectively which causes more unfavorable results.

The negative aspects of her birth chart significantly inferring the results as the placement of SAT in 7th house, aspecting the lagna, 9th house and 9th lord, Rahu in 12th house respectively. As per the present dasha and anther dasha analysis, SAT-SAT-SUN, it is evident that the present dasha of Saturn, lord of 7th and 8th, involvement of Sun Prathyanthara, proved to be costly and taking away her life in suspicious, untimely death at a glance. The time scale chart analysis shows the present report coincides the negative and positive periods in her life, is self explanatory.

**********  This exercise undertaken as a part of case study and academic interest