Aries (Mesh Rasi) – 2024 Astrology Predictions (Aswini-1,2,3,4; Bharani -1,2,3,4 & Krittika -1 padas) 

  • SATURN in 11th house Aquarius, from 18th January 2023 – favourable, as cruel mind but will get some comfort from fair sex or wealth,
  • Jupiter in 1st house Aries – (Upto 1 May 2024) unfavourable aspecting 1st, 5th 7th, and 9th houses Unfavourable as loss of place or position and wealth, quarrels and mental tensions, etc.
  • Jupiter in 2nd house Taurus (from 2nd May) aspecting 6th, 8th 10th houses favourable as gain of wealth and enjoyments of money and women, etc.
  • Rahu’s transit in 12th house Pieces – unfavourable aspecting influences 6th, 4th, 8th houses as much grief, calamities, etc.
  • Ketu in 6th house Virgo – favourable aspecting 10th, 12th, 2nd houses favourable as victory over enemies, relief from troubles, independence, wealth and cheers, etc.

Summary :

During the year 2024 the movements of Saturn in 11th house Aquarius (Kumbham) entire year is favourable also Jupiter planet’s transition in to 2nd house Taurus (Vrishabh) from May 1st is highly favourable in the second half of the year i.e. from May month, results good financial progress, new job opportunities, success in most of the activities undertaken, job growth or promotion chances, business growth, successful business expansion, strong abroad opportunities, owning house or new house construction, or purchase of lands & fixed assets, good name, good understanding among the collegues, completion of the long pending works, benefits, victory over enemies, good comforts, material gains and achievements.  In second half the year 2024 as Jupiter transits in Vrishabh from May 2nd 2024, situations likely get improved considerably, problems related to professional front will get resolved, favorable year for students in competitive tests and also for seeking govt employment.  Farmers and business people may experience better results in terms of productivity and financial progress.  People who are looking for marriage and child births may get fruitful results.

Good chances for owning a house or properties and vehicles in second half of the year, also sudden gains for business & professional people is indicated. Abroad travels and foregin assignments may be fruitful in the year.  Real estate and construction related activities also provide much benefic results & profits. IT professional may face bit unfavourable situation in first half of the year however, things will get stabilized in later part of the year.  Legal and court related pending & dispute matter still continues to be unresolved for somemore time, however gets resolved in 2nd half.   Students with more effrots qualify in competitive examinations, moreover good chances for foreign study is indicated, people looking for permanent residentship may be successful, minimise long journeys, need to be cautious about health, more or sudden expenses.  Good chances of visiting philgrm places and devotional approach give good mental peace.  People looking for kids birth will be successful in second half of the year. Students will experience much better results this year, moreover people looking for govt employment may get through competive examinations.  Influence of Rahu’s and Ketu’s transition in 12th and 6th houses respectively for the whole year is partly favourable but RAHU triggering more or sudden expenditures in general, mental illutions and unrest, financial loses, speculations significantly, unless the birth chart planetary positions support positively during dasha and antharadasha periods. Increase in income & also expenses, devotional activities.  Long pending legal court cases or disputes may get resolved, gains through property & lands indicated.

On overall, the year 2024 is more positive and favourable than the previous year.

A detailed analysis in the back ground of Vimshothari dasha System and analytical charts interpretation by an expert astrologer will give better focus on the events take place more accurately with remedial measures.

Lucky numbers : 1 & 9

Remedies : Worship Durga Devi

Wearing recommended genuine gemstones by expert astrologer

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