Cancer (Karkatak Rasi) – 2024 Astrology Predictions   (Punarvasu-4; Pushyami-1,2,3,4 & Ashlesha-1,2,3,4)

  • SATURN in 8th house Aquarius, from 18th January 2023, unfavourable as mental worries, health fluctuations, journeys, weakness, hunger, does mean actions, etc.
  • Jupiter in 10th house Mesha (Aries) till 1st May – unfavourable as change in place of work, transfer, loss of health and money due to suffering from phlegm etc.
  • Jupiter in 11th house Vrishabam Taurus, from 2nd May, – Favourable as birth of child, marriage, new status, honours, wealth, much influence, income from grain and grocery shop,
  • Rahu’s transit in 9th house Pieses – unfavourable as much suffering and will not do even his religious duties, suffer from enemity, cases of imprisonment, etc.
  • Ketu in 3rd house Kanya (Virgo) – favourable as gain, new position, etc

Summary :

During the year the movements of Saturn in 8th house Aquarius and Jupiter transiting in 10th house Aries is not favorable as it may result health disturbances, restlessness, professional disturbances, unfruitful efforts, disease, hard work, physical discomforts, transfers or change of work place, disputes in partnership dealings. The natives of Cancer, in general, may experience unfavourable results this year first half, getting new jobs or employment and long pending promotions may get delayed further.  People may suffer due to health concerns, or prolonged health discomforts still continue to remain active, need to put more efforts, lot of restlessness.  People asping for marriage may get delyed further or face some difficulties, abroad travels and foreign assignment looks to be difficult in firsta half.  Need to be cautious while buying assets or the properties.  Court cases may be favourable, relocation or long journyes mey not give fruitful results, business people may get average results, however productivity may not be encouraging.  People may face employment problems, or job break, or untimely recognision, chances of demotion, undesired transfers, may not get the desired results in first half, whereas second half of the year is favorable for career growth.  Individual financial part looks to be moderaly average as business prospects may not be encouraging, new business establishments will be under losses or disputes.  To be cautious regarding long travels as things are not favourable, people looking for marriage may get delayed, love matter may result unsuccessful but fruitful results expected in secod half.

Students need to put more efforts to get the results in the competitive examinations and may be successful with great difficulty, people looking for abroad study will be successful with some difficulties, however foreign job opportuties indicated to be good, business people in real estate may get profitable restuls in 2nd half, long pending job issues may get addressed.  Financial gains, rewards, appreciations, career growth or promotion chances, new employments are looking favourable in 2nd half.  Export/import business gives good profits in 2nd half of the year, getting foreign employment also favourable.  People looking for marriage may experience positive results and who are waiting kids will get favourable results in 2nd half.  Need to be cautious about health aspect, chances of disputes among siblings, also health fluctuations to father.  People may face unfruitful long journeys, lot of restlessness, worries, minimise long journyes.  Professional transfers are indicated, able to get good name & recongnistion with struggles in career, chances of owning properties by end of the year, students need to put more efforts & able to succeed competitive examinations with difficulty, philgrim visits possible which triggers mental peace.  Agriculture & farmers may get moderate results with huge efforts and experience slight financial progress.  Long pending legal and court cases may get resolved by end of the year. IT related people may face difficult time and chances of more stress, or loss of job, however get good recognition, new employment, growth in 2nd half of the year.  People looking for kids or marriage may be fruitful by end of the year.

On overall people will experience mixed results in 2024.

A detailed analysis in the back ground of Vimshothari dasha System and Analytical charts interpretation by expert astrologer is necessary and will give better focus on the events take place more accurately with remedial measures.

Lucky numbers : 2, 3

Remedy : Worship Durga Devi and Hanuman

Wearing recommended genuine gemstones by expert astrologer

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