Gemini (Mithun Rasi) – 2024 Astrology Predictions (Mrigasira-3,4; Aridra-1,2,3,4 & Punarvasu-1,2,3 padas)

  • SATURN in 9th house Aquarius, from 18th January 2023. as much suffering and will not do even his religious duties, suffer from enemity, cases of imprisonment etc.
  • Jupiter in 11th house Aries upto 1st May– favourable Favourable may experience recovery from disease, gain from son, enjoyments, company of good women, wealth, vehicles, etc.
  • Jupiter in 12th house Taurus, from 2nd May, may experience as travel to distant places, anxiety, mental tensions, 
  • Rahu’s transit in 10th house Pisces – favourable as cruel mind but will get some comfort from fair sex or wealth, etc.
  • Ketu in 4th house Virgo  – unfavourable, as fever, disease of blood or stomach, loss of character, etc.


During the year the movements of SATURN in 9th house Aquarius is unfavorable resulting restlessness, unfruitful efforts, worries, troublesome journeys, undesired professional transfers or relocations. Jupiter in 11th is favorable for financial progress, wealth, fame, marriage, good earnings, child birth, good education, good health, income growth, philgrim visits, etc. Effects of Rahu in 10th house and Ketu 4th house and will give unfavourable results.  The natives of Gemini, in general, may experience slighty favourable results this year first half.  Need to take precautuios on professional front and property related matter as disturbances may arise.  People who are in business may get favorable results, profitable growth, business expansions, however legal concnerns may arise.  Import/export business is favourable and results good profits in first half of the year, need to be cautious in 2nd half as there may be delay in getting profitable results and more efforts to put. Need to be cautious about mother’s health, long journyes, understandings between real estate business partners. Property related matter may get into legal problems.  IT related people will experience good growth and elevation in 1st half, also monetary benefits of long pending dues, etc., but 2nd half is not so favourable, resulting more stress in professional front, or defame, unfruitful efforts, however foreign travel and aborad assignment is favorable, getting new abroad jobs and elevation may be possible.  Legal matter and financial aspect indicated to be delayed or difficult, love failues, financial fluctuations, delay in marriage, hindraces in higher education, gaps among business partners, unfruitful journeys, long travles.

Real estae, construction related people may get good profitable results in 1st half but need to be cautious in 2nd half as there would be unfruitful efforts, legal concerns, or land disputes, discomforts, etc.  No proper progress in employment or job growth in 2nd half and untimely recognition, undesired job transfers or location transfers, delay in getting rewards.  Those who are looking marriage may get fruitful results in first half, investment returns get appreciated, favourable time for students planning for abroad, and also foreign employment.  People suffering from health concerns for long time will get cured, people undergoing marital issues may get solution in first half, however legal/court cases remain unresolved, need to be cautious about parents or mother health, unfruitful long travels, people looking for Visa may be successful.  Business people may find good profits, also successful business expansion in 1st half, need to put more efforts to get minimum results in 2nd half, restlessness, lack of mental peace.  Formers & agriculture dependant people may experience difficult times and unprofitable results in 2nd half ot the year.

On overall people will experience mixed & avareage results in 2024

A detailed analysis in the back ground of Vimshothari dasha System and analytical charts interpretation by an expert astrologer will give better focus on the events take place more accurately with remedial measures.

Lucky numbers : 5, 6

Remedy :  Worship Lord Ganesh & Hanuman

Wearing recommended genuine gemstones by expert astrologer

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