Taurus (Vrushabh Rasi)- 2024 Astrology Predictions  (Kritika-2,3,4; Rohini-1,2,3,4 & Mrigasira-1,2 padas) 

  • SATURN in 10th house Aquarius, from 18th January 2024, is unfavourable as vast learning and fame but financial losses, etc.
  • Jupiter in 12th house Aries till May 1st, unfavourable as may experience as travel to distant places, anxiety, mental tensions, etc.
  • Jupiter in 1st house Vrishabam from May 2nd 2024 as Unfavourable as loss of place or position and wealth, quarrels and mental tensions, etc.
  • Rahu’s transit in 11th house Pisces – Favorable as cruel mind but will get some comfort from fair sex or wealth, etc.
  • Ketu in 5th house in Kanya (Virgo) is unfavourable as more enemies, trouble from son, loss of energey, financial fluctuations, etc.

Summary :

 During the year the movements of Saturn into 10th house Aquarius for the whole year is unfavourable, Jupiter in 12th hosue till May and in 1st half from May’24 also not favourable, results as vast learning but financial losses, more stress in job or transfers from work place etc., Rahu in 11th is quite favourable but Ketu 5th house gives unfavourable results, on overall giving mixed results. In general as increase in income, enmity, disputes, disturbances in religious and devotional activities, disgrace, tiresome travels, more expenses, separation from family, foreign travels for livelihood losses, etc. Presence of Jupiter in 1st house during second half of the year also not favourable, causes more stress, unknown worries, unfruitful efforts, devotional travels, restlessness, delay in receipt of payments, be cautious about financial matter, new investments not advised, chances of disputes among business partners.  The natives of Taurus, in general, may experience mixed results in terms of education, foreign travel and spiritual, whereas family matter, marital, health related, service matter not looking strong.  Engineers and people working in computer field may have recognition but financial benefits may get delayed. Students may have to put more efforts in competitve examinations. Getting new employment and promotions may not be favourable and need to put more efforts.  Legal and court related matters are not favorable this year.  Parternership business may face troubles or losses or disputes, long journeys may give fruitful results.  Farmers & agriculture dependent people may face unforeseen losses or unprofitable results, advocates & lawyers may see slightly unfavourable period.

People aspiring for marriage may get delayed whereas child birth indicated unfavourable. New business establiments may face unfruitful results and come across financial losses.  Visit of philgrim places and devotional related expenditure continues which gives mental peace.  Need to take precautions regarding health front. Employees may experience tough situations and unknown stress, or unfavorable trafers this year.  Financial progress and gains possible at the end of the year, also business progress, regain of business potential, recovery of financial losses possible to some extent, need to put more efforts in professional/career front, foreign business & employment is much beneficial, import/export business looking profitable, promotion or growth chances not strong, long journeys and foreign travels give fruitful results, business fluctuations indicated, more expenses than the planned budget, need to be cautious about finance control, good chances of buying new properties, students looking for Visa may be successful, abroad stay or foreign studies possible.  Legal & court related pending cases still looking uncleared, real estate business looking unprofitable.

On overall, the year 2024 is seen with mixed results.

A detailed analysis in the back ground of Vimshothari dasha System and analytical charts interpretation by an expert astrologer will give better focus on the events take place more accurately with remedial measures.

Lucky numbers : 5 & 6

Remedies : Worship Ganesh & Lord Shiva

Wearing recommended genuine gemstones by expert astrologer

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