Horoscope of Akhilesh Yadav – Politician


Akhilesh Yadav Horoscope

Mr.AkhileshYadavis an active and committed politician, when his kundli is analyzed, he belongs Kanyalagna (Virgo), PunarvasuNakshathram, Mithun (Gemini) Rashi.  As per the present dasha period of AkhileshYadav, presently Mahadasha of KETU and GURU anther getting over by Feb’22 followed by KET-SANI anther dasha from 2022 Feb which is not so favorable as SATURN got afflicted by KETU in 10th house, Jupiter in debilitation in 5thtriggering lot of restlessness, unfruitful efforts and chances of defame, moreover ASHTAMA SANI is going on which is another unfavorable aspect,however Jupiter in 9thgochara is favorableat this time.

Placement of SUN in 10th house and 10th house lord MERC in 11th house is much positive point in the kundli, moreover 9th house lord MERC & 10th house lord VEN in 11th house also much benefic which has resulted successful professional progress, political growth and elevation in the past during mahadasha of BUDH and RAHU anther dasha, wherein RAHU is happened to be most benefic planet for native of Kanyalagna, interestingly parivarthan yoga i.e. 10th lord MERC in 11th house and 11th house lord MOON in 10th house also strong benefic aspect.

Affliction of 9th house lord VEN in Caner and also influence of SAT & KET on SUN might have caused disturbances or disputes within the family or father.  MOON being 11th house lord is also weak as afflicted by KET & SUN in the Kundli which might cause unfruitful efforts, defame and lot of restlessness which indirectly may impact the forthcoming assembly elections.  Lagna Lord MERC in 11th house and JUP influence on Lagna is considered benefic aspect, resulting success, creativeness, strong commitment, elevation and devotional, fortunate, dedicated, commanding.

On overall, Mr.AkhileshYadav planetary strength and dasha period not so strongat present, hence chances of victory are slightly less than the Mr Yogi Adityanath comparatively, however tough fight and increment in the seats is indicated.