Horoscope of Yogi Adityanath – Politician


Yogi Adityanath Horoscope

Yogi AdityanathJi is active and successful politician. When his kundli is analyzed, he belongsSimhalagna (Leo), PurvabhadraNakshathram, Kumbh (Virgo) Rashi.

He is bestowed with strong Budha-Aadithyayogam in 10th house from Lagna i.e. close association of SUN with strong MERC is much benefic Raja Yogam in 10th house, also 10th house lord VEN forming parivarthanayogam with 11th house lord MERC as well,is strong in 11th house in association with energetic planet Mars, the lord of 9th, moreover Jupiter in 5th(own house)which is quite strong and positive aspect resultinghighly talented, knowledgeable, strong leadership skills, devotional, success, achievements of targeted goals.

As per dasha period (KETU-GURU) much favorableis running at present, however KETU-SANI starts from 2022 Mar which might trigger some disturbances or unpleasant situation, moreover ongoing SADE SATI at present and also Jupiter gocharafrom Moon sign is not favorable till it moves in Meenam the 2nd house.Lagna Lord SUN in 10th house, MOON in 7th house and strong JUP in 5th house is highly beneficial aspect, indicating highly dedicated, matured, bold, commanding, principled, generous, logical, helping, successful career progress, straightforward nature in general.

Further, his contribution and recognition in the party will be highly promising and gets very good elevation in future with lot of achievements and success in his life and likely to reach higher positions as a BJP leader supported by strong placements of planets in Navamsha too. As per below life graph his best time is running since 2013 Jun.

yogi adityanath astrology graph

On overall, the period from Mar’22 is slightly unfavorable, it might trigger loosing little majority in forthcoming assembly elections i.e. may not be able to retain the majority like in previous elevation held 2017 but strong chances to retain the power in UP with little difficulty. In comparison, planetary strengths are better placed for Yogi Ji and little upper hand is noticed over Mr.AkhileshYadav, with slight edge of winning indicated in coming elections in 2022.