KCR Horoscope Analysis TRS Might Retain Power in 2018-2019 Elections in Telangana


Telangana Eelections forecasting 

KCR Horoscope 2019 Elections in Telangana

KCR Horoscope analysis indicates that TRS might retain power in 2018-2019 Assembly Elections in Telangana

As per present dasha period and gochara planetary moment Mr.KCR has strong chances to retain the power in forthcoming elections in 2018-2019 in Telangana

As we know, for the native of Mesh (Aries) Lagna and Karkatak Rashi the planet SUN is very strong Yogakaraka planet. When we consider Mr KCR chart, the Maha dasha period will be RAH-SUKR-RAVI Anther dasha which is starting from 2018 Nov. Preponing of the elections is going to be advantageous and successful for KCR for providing fair winning chances. Moreover, JUP will be benefic as JUP is moving from Libra to Scorpio in Oct’18 and secondly SATURN is already benefic as presently in Sagittarius which would give favourable result in 2018/2019. The period in his life graph as shown below indicates best time during 2018 Nov to 2019 Apr. However, health will be a concern for him in 2019/2020.