YS Jagan Horoscope Analysis YRS Party 2019 Assembly Elections in AP


AP Elections-2019 Forecasting : 

YS Jagan Horoscope Analysis 2019

What YS Jagan Horoscope predictions indicate in view of 2019 Elections ?

When we study the horoscope of YS Jagan (21-12-1972; Jammalamadugu) his better time starts from 2019 as Budha Maha Dasha starts from 2019 onwards. As 9th house lord VEN and 10th house lord MER got collocated which is a positive aspect in the Kundli. SUN & JUP are strong in 5th house i.e. Sagittarius which also causes Raja Yogam. Position of JUP & MOON got placed 180 degrees from each other which is forming Gajakesari Yogam most beneficial for the native. As native’s benefic period starts from 2019 it indicates that YRS Party’s chances are strong to form the government in 2019 Assembly Elections in AP.